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About Us

We are a valet trash removal service for apartment communities, condos, retirement homes, and other multi-family communities, we offer front door trash pick-up so you and your residents don’t have to deal with it.

Our service is straightforward and simple, your residents set their trash outside their door and we take it from there. We keep your community looking clean and appealing.

Use this appealing amenity to attract new residents, because unlike a gym or pool everyone has trash and will get use out of this service. We service the North and South Carolina areas. Contact us to inquire about our services!


Why Choose Us

Our company is a locally owned, rapidly growing business providing incredible customer service to North Carolina and South Carolina communities. Unlike other companies, we provide flexible transition packages to make valet trash service as convenient and straightforward as possible. We let you choose from multiple contract lengths to suit your needs and adjust to the service.

While offering convenient trash removal services to multi-family property owners, we’ve started utilizing a cutting-edge mobile app to document nightly service and report any tenant violations. It provides the reliability you want and the convenience you need to keep track of what we’ve done and what action you may need to take based on tenant violations.

When you want to get rid of your trash with ease and keep your community looking its best, depend on us to make it happen. We love what we do and look forward to servicing you! If you have a multi-family property in the North Carolina or South Carolina area, contact us today!

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