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Q. What is valet trash service?

Valet trash service is a convenient service that allows those living in apartment communities, condos, retirement homes, and other multi-family communities to receive trash collection at their front door. It’s a valuable amenity that residents can appreciate because it lets tenants quickly and conveniently dispose of their unwanted trash without lugging it anywhere.

Q. What days can I have service scheduled?

In most cases the community is serviced 5 consecutive nights a week. Usually service is Monday through Friday but if needed we can make a schedule that fits your needs!

Q. Do you pick up recyclables?

Yes! If your community has a recycling program we supply an additional recycling container that is also picked up regularly.

Q. How much will it cost me?

Since every community is different, pricing varies based on multiple factors such as:
-Number of units
-Stairs or not
-Any additional request

Give us a call or request a quote online for accurate pricing!

Q. What if I don’t have the budget?

We know that an amenity as good as this might seem expensive but we are proud to offer a unique pricing structure that allows communities to start service with little to no money upfront. It’s called our integration plan.

With integration, for the first year, you will only pay a twelfth of the total cost each month until the 12th month where full payment is due since all leases will have the additional fee added. After the 12th-month service continues at full price for the remainder of the contract.

Q. How much can I charge for the service?

This is entirely up to you but we would recommend between $24 to $29.95.

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